About Us

About Us

SkyMed International, Inc., the flagship of the SkyMed Group of Companies, has been serving the traveling public since 1989. A membership company specializing in 18 emergency travel services, we have organized air evacuations literally all over the world under almost every kind of circumstance. If a member sustains a critical illness or injury while traveling in one of the 32 countries that make up the SkyMed TAKES YOU HOME Service Area, they will be repatriated back to their home hospital of choice.

SkyMed Canada, Inc., provides membership plans tailored to the Canadian traveller, which can be purchased online in Canadian dollars.

SkyMed Florida, Inc., licensed in 1996 and regulated by the Florida Office of Insurance Regulation, provides the same 18 emergency travel services as the parent company, SkyMed International, specifically serving members and residents of the state of Florida. The company’s office is in Lakeland, Florida. Approximately 25 SkyMed representatives are licensed through the Florida Office of Insurance Regulation.

SkyMed USVI, Inc., licensed in 1998 and regulated by the USVI Office of Banking and Insurance, provides flight services for those members living in the United States Virgin Islands to be transported to Puerto Rico, Florida or the mainland USA in the event of a critical medical emergency. SkyMed has offices in St. Croix and St. Thomas and has representatives and insurance brokers service USVI residents on St. John, St. Croix and St. Thomas.

GLOBAL Emergency Travel Services is wholly owned by SkyMed International, Inc. and provides worldwide evacuation and medically necessary repatriation services to its members. A GLOBAL membership plan offers a comprehensive list of travel assistance services available to SkyMed members traveling outside the 32 countries that make up the SkyMed TAKES YOU HOME Service Area.

And now…

SkyMed Travel Club

SkyMed Travel Club, a full service travel agency for members only, is your best connection to the travel world, offering the comfort of knowing you are secure within the trusted SkyMed group of companies. Thanks to SkyMed’s many connections to the travel world and state-of-the-art technology, when a “real deal” on travel or travel-related services or products surfaces through one of our many marketing partners SkyMed Travel Club members will be the first to know.

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