SkyMed is an essential service for anyone who travels.

If, during your travels within the SkyMed UNIVERSE you become critically ill or injured, SkyMed will return you home by air ambulance.  Only SkyMed TAKES YOU HOME guarantees to transport you home, to your own doctors and loved ones.

Your SkyMed Membership includes:

When a SkyMed Member is critically ill or injured away from home, SkyMed will arrange and pay for medically equipped air ambulance transportation, by fixed-wing aircraft, to the hospital nearest their Canadian home. Ground ambulance to and from each hospital is included.
If a SkyMed Member and their attending physician determine it feasible and necessary for the Member to recuperate closer to home, due to a critical illness or injury, SkyMed will pay for appropriate air transportation to their home. The Member has 30 days from the time they are released from the hospital to decide if they want to activate SkyMed’s services.
If a Member’s condition does not require a private air ambulance, yet the Member is not able or permitted to travel as a regular passenger by commercial carrier without an attendant, SkyMed will arrange and pay for the private care of its Member while on a commercial carrier.
SkyMed will arrange for a Member’s spouse/companion to accompany them in-flight on a private air ambulance (space permitting). If space is not available, SkyMed will pay for economy commercial air transportation home for one person.
If as a result of a critical illness or injury a Member’s minor children or grandchildren are left stranded, SkyMed will pay for a regularly scheduled airline flight, with an attendant, if necessary, to return them home. Minor children/grandchildren under the age of 18—or 24 if they are attending an accredited college full-time—are eligible for all Member services when travelling with grandparents.
If a Member is hospitalized away from home with a critical illness or injury, SkyMed will provide round trip economy transportation on a regularly scheduled commercial flight for a family member or companion to be flown to the hospitalized patient.
If a Member is in a medical facility away from home as a result of a critical illness or injury or extended hospital stay, the Member’s return transportation home for continued recovery will be provided at no cost to the SkyMed Member.
SkyMed will pay up to $200 for incidental expenses associated with a Member’s medical flight.
SkyMed will pay professional drivers for over-land, safe return of operable vehicles (autos, RVs, tow vehicles, commercial vehicles, and trucks) that have been left unattended as a result of a Member’s critical illness or injury.
Should a Member require a kidney, heart, lung, liver, or pancreas transplant, SkyMed will transport the donor organ to them. Individuals on transplant recipient lists at the time of application are ineligible for SkyMed Membership.
When it is more feasible to bring the Member recipient to the donor organ, SkyMed will provide air transportation for the recipient and one family member. (A nine-month restriction applies to new Member eligibility in Organ Transport and this service. Individuals on transplant recipient lists at the time of application are ineligible for SkyMed Membership.)
Should an injury or illness result in a Member’s death when away from home, SkyMed will provide for transportation on a commercial airline of the Member’s remains to their Canadian home. Transportation home of the spouse/companion and the vehicle return service is also provided.
SkyMed pays for the cost of the emergency helicopter flight from the scene of a vehicle accident to the nearest hospital; emergency hospital-to-hospital helicopter transport and all medically necessary helicopter transports. Emergency helicopter flights do not require prior approval from SkyMed when time is of the essence to save the Member’s life.
With SkyMed’s Ground Ambulance, SkyMed pays for the cost of a medically necessary ground ambulance due to a critical illness or injury.
The Primary Driver Disability(PDDO) increases the protection of our traditional vehicle return service, which is a service of our traditional Membership. The PDDO provides additional service for drivers who may become incapacitated but have not suffered a critical illness or injury. This service will be of significant value in that circumstance!
SkyMed Members can choose to have SkyMed services 24/7/365 when they are travelling AND while at home! SkyMed services normally take effect when you are more than 100 miles from home. Because the SkyMed ULTIMATE Out-of-Province Membership Plan includes the 100 Mile Waiver, you can have SkyMed’s Peace of Mind when you are home!

The SkyMed PLUS is a service offered by SkyMed. SkyMed PLUS is a 24 hour-a-day multi-lingual help line, providing a variety of informational and logistical services:

  • Pet Return
  • Help with Prescription Drugs
  • Medical Provider Locations
  • Emergency Payment Aid
  • Emergency Messaging
  • Translation Service
  • Insurance Verification Help
  • Travel Locator Service
  • Lost Baggage Assistance
  • Weather Information
  • Locating Legal Assistance
26 vital services for members travelling worldwide 24/7365 world-wide response network, multilingual operations center for worry-free travel.

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